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A Journey with Acorns…

Welcome to Acorn Day Nursery. Thank you for choosing to look at our local offer.

We would like to invite you to come and have a chat with our nursery SENCO and the Nursery Manager. This will give us both the time to discuss your childs needs, giving us the essential information that we need to collate together. We will then have a good understanding of your childs abilities, interests, skills and general needs. This is a time for you to ask us as many questions as you would like to about what our setting has to offer and it will help us build a provision plan for your child. There will also be time to discuss any training that staff may need to undertake to ensure we cover all the needs of your child. We will also need to determine whether we need to work with any other multi agency teams. It may not be possible to seek multi agencies at this early stage.

How do we identify children with SEN?

How do we support children at Acorn Nursery and how do we monitor the curriculum for them?

Monitoring your Childs’s Progress and Learning
Over time the keyworker and parent/carers will build up a relationship where the practitioner will feed back after every session and update the parent/carer on a very regular basis. This will be very reassuring for the parent/carer and they will know their child is being well supported. Along side this day-to-day communication, there will be opportunities for parents/carers to discuss progress and any next steps. A parent/carer can arrange a time slot if necessary whenever they would like one to discuss their child’s learning. Once a year we hold a parents evening to give parents/carers and keyworkers extra time to discuss their time at nursery. The keyworker will regularly share the child’s pathway with the parents/carers so they can see how their progress is continuing and any areas that may need extra support. In some cases a book may go home that the parent can comment in, for example any milestones the child may have made and any general communication for the parent/carer and keyworker to share between each other.

Support for children’s well-being
At Acorn Nursery we concentrate on making sure the children are happy and well cared for. We aim to make them feel as safe and as loved as possible.

Any training to support administration of medicines and social support will be identified in the initial meeting held between the parent/carer and the nursery. The appropriate staff will be inducted on suitable training as soon as possible as long as the parent/carer is happy that it is the correct training. A personal care plan and medicine plan can be created for your child, which will be accessible to every member of staff and will be updated when ever necessary. Training will be available for staff in regards to particular behaviour, how we listen to your child and any social and emotional development support needed. We are all qualified in most areas but sometimes it will be a learning journey for us too and we may need to seek further training and support to enable us to provide the best care for the well being of your child.

Listening to Children and making sure all children contribute and are included in the setting
Each child will be listened to and will be included in all group activities. However, in some activities they may need a little extra support and be given time to give his or her views and communicate with others. We incorporate STC into activities as much as possible, which helps all the children to ensure that they are all understood.

Staff Training to support children with SEN disabilities
At Acorn Nursery Kate Fewings (assistant manager) is our SENCO. Kate attends regular SENCO meetings where she is updated on any training available and is able to share experiences with others. We attend regular cluster meetings too. With the support of our Area Senco Kate and other members of staff have built up a very close understanding of how to get suitable support and how to implement different strategies to help support the child. Several members of staff have STC training, promoting learning and development for children and babies and supporting positive behaviour and developing relationships. Any other suitable training to help support your child would be sourced as quickly as possible.

Inclusion for activities and trips
All children will be included in all activities provided that it is safe for each child. With some activities children may need one to one support to ensure they are able to take part in the activities. In the case of a planned trip a meeting may be set up to decide on the best support for that child. In some cases it may be necessary to have one to one support or the parent may feel they would like to come too, for extra reassurance.

The setting and its facilities
The building was built and completed in December 2006. It was build with full access for wheelchairs including the outside area and disabled changing and toilet facilities.

There are lots of signs in the nursery that have STC signing symbols and are clearly visible to the children. Planning will be adapted for some children if necessary and extra support will be given to those that need it.

Transferring to a new setting or moving to school
When a child first visits with the parent/carer and child we would discuss any special needs or requirements the child may need and write a care plan if necessary. This helps us to prepare for the child starting at nursery and to establish different procedures of care if necessary. The child will be entitled to two free sessions before starting nursery properly to make sure that the child is happy and the parents/carers. When a child leaves to go to another setting, all pathways and documentation will be passed to the new setting and the keyworker will liase with them to ensure a smooth transfer. When a child goes to school the schoolteacher will visit regularly before the child begins schools. In some cases a school entry plan will be drawn up and regular meetings will take place to make sure the transfer is well supported and all relevant information is passed on and discussed.

Decision making
The decision of how much support the child receives and the types of support will be decided between the nursery manager, keyworker. The nursery SENCO and the parent/carer to ensure that everyone is happy. There may be other agencies that may be involved but everyone will be kept up to date by continued communication. The support will need to be reviewed on a regular basis to check that the expected progress is being made. Keyworkers will continue to make observations and track the child’s progress. In some cases additional resources may need to be sourced. Support and advice may be needed from multi professional teams and possible referrals may be made to other agencies.

Further Information or advice
If you would like to know anything about your child or about our service please contact Katryn Bennett at Acorn Nursery on 01458 273705. Your child’s keyworker will be able to talk to you about your child’s learning and progress. If you are worried or need to talk to someone about any concerns for your child or need to seek further advice then you can talk to our SENCO.

If you would like some more information about our setting or would like to discuss enrolling your child please contact Katryn Bennett at Acorn Nursery (number as above).

We look forward to hearing from you soon and would welcome you to come and visit us.

Thank you for considering Acorn Nursery for your child.

Katryn Bennett